Want to learn how to buy tax defaulted real estate directly from the county, without bidding?
Over The Counter Tax Sale Investing

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OTC Tax Sale Investing
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 "Niche Within A Niche"
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From: Casey Denman
Where: Florida

Every single year there are millions of properties sold due to delinquent taxes.  These taxes support the local school districts, law enforcement, fire and rescue, they maintain the streets, sidewalks, parks and provide all sorts of other necessities that we often take for granted.

As tax sale investors, we stand to not only help our communities by putting these properties back on the tax rolls, but we can also make money for our efforts.
Tax Sale Investing is a niche of real estate investing that is often misunderstood or overlooked, but is extremely profitable.  The standard tax sale process involves purchasing tax delinquent properties, including both tax deeds and tax liens, at tax foreclosure auctions.

But in this niche . . . we have another (even less known about) niche: 
                  Over The Counter Tax Sale Investing

These are leftover, unsold or surplus properties that you can buy directly from the county, usually for the amount of the taxes due (or LESS)!

This is a strategy you'll want to use in addition to your standard tax sale investments. It's also a strategy that requires a solid process and plan. 

While the buying process is as easy as walking into the county office and walking out with a property, there are quite a few steps you MUST follow to pull this off successfully and to insure you make money.

If you do it correctly, you can build a never ending, on-demand income source.

In OTC Class, I'll go into the specifics on OTC investing and the strategies to make it work for YOU!

This is not an all encompassing class where we train you on the entire tax sale process.  This is a training class provided specifically for OTC Investing!

We highly recommend this as an add-on training for Tax Sale Academy Members (included FREE in Startup Package) or for otherwise experienced tax sale investors looking for an edge in this business.
Here's what you'll learn about in OTC Class:
  • How the OTC Process Works
  • Advantages of OTC Investing
  • The County Pricing Process (and when it's best to buy)
  • ​How to Locate OTC Lists
  • ​OTC Research Fundamentals
  • ​How to Use Timelines & Laws to YOUR Advantage
  • ​How to Turn it into an ON DEMAND INCOME STREAM
  • . . . ​Lots and Lots More!
Are You Ready to Take Advantage of OTC Properties?
Here's What's Included in OTC Class . . .
Over The Counter (OTC) Training - $997 Value
• Six Core OTC Training Modules & Success Strategies
• Insights to Make OTC Investing Work For YOU
• TEN Proven OTC Success Strategies
Bonus Workshop Trainings - $197 Value
• Preplanned Buyers (only available in OTC Class)
• Small Wins Workshop
• Hidden Gems Workshop
• Legal Description Workshop
• Tax Sale "Junk" Properties
Bonus Fly On The Wall Training - $997 Value
• Watch As I Research Properties For Myself
• Learn Efficient and Accurate Research Methods
• See The Process I've Used for 17+ Years of Research
• Hours of Narrated & Screen Recorded Real World Research
  Actual Tax Sale Properties
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Frequently Asked Questions . . .
What is OTC Investing?
OTC Investing, short for "Over The Counter" Investing is buying and profiting from tax foreclosed real estate that is purchased directly from the county.  These are properties that are surplus, leftover or otherwise went unsold at the tax auction.
Why OTC Investing?
When done correctly, OTC Investing is a way to remove some of the challenges with standard tax sale auctions, such as competition and the auction setting.  It allows you to buy properties while knowing what you'll be paying ahead of time on YOUR schedule, not theirs.
Who is OTC Class For?
OTC Class is designed to teach you specifically about OTC investing.  It is not meant to be an all encompassing tax sale investment training academy.  This is a specialty investment process that is best suited for those who have already gone through The Tax Sale Academy or have previous experience.
    How much do OTC Properties Cost?
    Typically, OTC properties are available for the amount of back due taxes, interest, and fees to the county.  There aren't any legitimate ways to acquire properties cheaper on a regular basis (at least to our knowledge).
    Can I invest in OTC properties in my state?
    Yes! The majority of states offer OTC properties.  Even if they don't offer OTC properties in your state, you can still invest in any state's OTC process.  The strategies are the same and with the internet, your possibilities are endless!
    What's different about OTC Investing?
    OTC Investing is a business based around strategy.  While it can be as simple as "walking in with a check, and walking out with a property" the ability to be able to profit off of that property requires specific strategy.  Most of these properties went unsold for a reason, but once we determine how we can profit from them we can buy, sell and profit at will.
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